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- Item: Al Wisam sheep feed 18%
- Packing: 40 kg
- Bag price : 41 SAR
- Ton price : 1025 SR / ton

Note : The price varies according to the quantity required .
Quickly make reservations before quantity runs out.

Payment on delivery is available from Souq.com
Shop now: https://souq.link/2R0pwVM

Arabian Generation Company
Mobile / Whatsapp :
0534442817 – 0564026023


Sales : AL Khumra - Central feed Marke
AL Nakheel District - East of Palestine bridge, behind Bayt AL Ebaa
Search On Google Maps ( " ArabianGC feed " )

Administration : Mushrafa District - Prince Majid(70)-Jeddah-Saudi Arabia

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Al Wisam sheep feed for sale from Arabian Generation Company