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The Arabian Generation Trading Company is one of the leading local companies in the field of selling, buying and importing agricultural crops, animal feed, feed machines and accessories in light industry such as crunching, mixing, packing, etc.

ArabianGC provides corn, wheat and soybeans in addition to sorghum of all colors red and millet.

The company is an authorized distributer for the National Feed Company (FEEDCO), Alkhumasya Feed Company, the Arab Agricultural Services Company (ARASCO) and other factories.

ArabianGC in cooperation with GenerationSense, today offers you the most powerful offers:

Item: Al Khumasia Lambs 21%

Packing Details: 50 KG PP Bag

Wholesale price: 1000 SAR / ton - price 50 SAR / bag – OUR SITE DELIVERY.

Arabian Generation Trading Company

Mobile / whatsapp: 0534442817

Telefax: 0126431313

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Sales: Al-Khumra - Al-Ostaad Street extension.

Headquarter: Mushrefah District, Prince Maged Street (70th)

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Al Khumasia Lamb Fattening Protein 21%